Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Golf Goal

This year I set my museum hours to allow me to do things during the day on Tuesdays. The hours on Tuesdays are 6-8 in the evening. So far, all the Tuesdays this summer have involved car and doctor appointments. Yesterday was the first Tuesday that I golfed with the Grand Marais group. Although I have been golfing for a few decades, most years I only golf a few times. Thus, I have never been able to develop my skills. THIS YEAR I am determined to have a round under 100 strokes. I wasn't even close yesterday, but I did have some good shots. Hopefully, I will be able to improve with practice. Thanks to the Grand Marais golfers for putting up with my learning curve.

First hole....

I love the open greenery of golf courses....

We had seven golfers from Grand Marais yesterday.

The Newberry Country Club has a new club house and restaurant.

When we dropped off one of our golfers, I just had to take pictures of this beautiful rose bush.

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