Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ski and Sun

Progress on the new book is going very well.  I have certainly learned a lot more than I expected about the formation of the Great Lakes!  The graphics have been a challenge.  Some of the drawings have taken six to eight hours to complete!  I hope to get the book to my reviewers in the next week or two.

The last two days I have taken time out to go cross country skiing.  We are hearing that the town's groomer used to maintain the trail in the school forest east of down is broke.  However, the national park is doing a great job on their trails.  Yesterday I was joined ty my friend, Lois.

Last night there was a lot of color in the sky at sunset.  I wish I would have gone down to the beach to get pictures, but I was working on the book so I just took pictures from my house.

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