Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kensington Park

Last week I decided at the last minute to head down state.  The main purpose was to attend the wholesale gem and mineral show in Livonia for the first time.  Since I did not drive out to the Tucson show this winter, I decided to see if I can get what I need for the museum's gift show by attending a regional show instead.  Although I heard from other attendees that this show is MUCH smaller than it once was, I was able to go over budget in a quick amount of time.  We were not allowed to take photos at the show, so I am sorry I do not have any images.

While down state I visited with my son and his family.  While he was playing in his disc golf league, my daughter-in-law, grandson, and I went over to Kensington and visited the petting farm and nature center.  Temperatures were in the 50s, so it was great to get a jump on spring.

Trying to feed the birds....

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