Friday, April 6, 2018

Grand Sable Dunes showshoe

Yesterday I went on a four hour snowshoe in the Grand Sable Dunes.  Friends, Helen and Marcia, were in town along with others in their families.  Just us three women headed out for an adventure.  We started at the Sable Visitors' Center, headed down H58 to Sable Lake, and then into the dunes where we trekked all the way across to the Lake Superior bluff and back.  Of course, we did also have a wonderful picnic.

Heading down H58.  We didn't realize they had plowed it until we started down the road.  We could have driven to Sable Lake if we would have known, but it only added a half mile or so for us to snowshoe instead.

Once we arrived at Sable Lake, we headed up into the dunes!

Looking back toward Sable Lake....

We thought the cloud looked like the U.P.

I love the dunes this time of year with a combination of snow and sand....

Finally after a lot of up and down and a little over an hour we reached the bluff over Lake Superior.  The shelf ice, pancake ice, and shoreline were beautiful!

Au Sable Lighthouse with my zoom....

Picnic time!



There are two methods of going down a steep snow-covered dune.  You can slide on your butt (left), or snowshoe down (right).

Back at Sable Lake...

Thanks, Helen and Marcia, for a wonderful afternoon.

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