Monday, April 16, 2018

Summer Inventory and More Winter

I have been busy the last few months making agate windows.  Last year was the first year I made time to make an inventory of agate windows in advance of the busy summer season.  It was great since it allowed me to have a more normal life.  For more than a decade of years before that, I spent most evenings after leaving the museum working until the wee hours to make agate windows.  I am grateful people  purchase and enjoy my mineral art, but since I am the age wherein most people retire -- I am hoping to have summers now where my work week is at least more reasonable (even though it is still seven days a week).

Here is my inventory as it stands now.

A few people have already asked if they can purchase an agate window from this current inventory.  I do not sell them online.  I do not have enough time to make a separate inventory for online sales.  I also am a little reluctant to respond to email or PM requests for emailed photos, dimensions, and prices.  In most cases after I spend an hour or so per request taking photos, measuring the windows, reducing the size of the photos to be email-compatible, and emailing the potential customer --  a sale does not happen.  This is not because people don't like the agate windows, it is usually because they decide they have to see the agate windows in person before making a selection.  

So if you are interested in purchasing an agate window, it would be best for you to request a custom order.  That way I can make you something matching your exact specification.  Prices range from $50-$65 for a small agate window (7"-8"), $65-$95 for a medium window, and $100 and up for a larger agate window.  There are many designs, including but not limited to:

--Rectangle/square with 1.5" glass/bevel trim on the outside
--Rectangle/square with round or flat metal frame
--Freeform design with glass or metal on top and two sides and freeform agates on bottom
--Driftwood hangers with triangle of agates below a piece of Lake Superior driftwood
--Sun/flower design with a larger agate in the middle and smaller agates radiating out around the perimeter
--Square or rectangle agate mirror
--Round agate mirror

If you are interested in an agate window, please email me at

In the mean time, winter will not end.  We received over a foot of snow yesterday and it is still coming down today.  The snow is not supposed to stop until tonight.  This is the biggest snow storm of the winter, but it is supposed to be spring!

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