Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Grand Canyon Supai Hike--Post 1

I arrived back home a couple of days ago from my out-west trip.  I finished my 17th Grand Canyon hike -- sort of.  As it turns out, the issue with my hips became worse after 25 miles of hiking with over 5,000 feet of elevation change.  The pain became worse, especially on the up slope, so I decided to helicopter out for $85.00.  The weather was better than we expected since daily highs were in the 70s and 80s, as compared to the 90s that are typical in May.  Thanks to Helen Riley and Marcia O'Brien for a great time!

Construction on the Mackinac Bridge stopped traffic.  I was able to get a good photo of one of the towers.

We flew Spirit airlines out of Detroit.

We flew into Vegas and drove to Peach Springs.  For the first time ever I was able to explore Hoover Dam.  I drove over the dam several times in the past, so it was nice to stop.

The old road went over top of the dam.  That road is now a dead end, but there is a brand new bridge for the highway.

Colorado River....

We stayed in Peach Springs, AZ, which is seven miles from the road you take north for 60 miles to the hilltop parking area.

At the top before heading down eight miles to Supai village.

Heading down.....

After a half hour of hiking, looking back at the top where we started.

They have had more rain than normal, so a lot of cacti were in bloom!

 We took two breaks on the way down.

When we were an hour and a half from finishing the first day's hike, a thunderstorm hit us.  I was worried about flash flooding since we were hiking down an old river bed, but that did not occur.  However, there were some intermittent water falls!

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