Monday, October 19, 2020

South Dakota Rock Hunting Trip--Post 2

 Today I will post more photos from my South Dakota trip.  On our first day of rock hunting, we drove seven miles south of our campsite to the White River.  We turned off the highway and drove a short distance toward the river.  We saw a guy and asked him if we could rock hunt.  He was leasing the property and gave us permission.  The river level is lower than anyone can remember.  We were able to walk along what would normally be under water.  The entire dry section of the river bed was strewn with rocks.  Sharon's dog, Clark, loved it.  This was Clark's first trip.  The first thing he did was head for the muddy puddles. Yes, the white dog was no longer white.  However, his fur naturally sheds the dirt and he did great!

We parked on what was the original river bank, followed the cow trails down the slope and through the willows, and carefully maneuvered to the rocky area.

I am not sure what creature made this den, but the hole was at least a foot in diameter!  Maybe a fox?


Sharon and Clark....

Across the road from where we parked......

Sharon found a cool beaver cutting.

She also found a Fairburn agate.  I was not so lucky.

We both found petrified wood.  In a future post I will show more photos of the rocks we found.

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