Friday, December 9, 2011

North Country Trail Hike in the School Forest--Part 1

I woke yesterday morning to a winter-like scene out my window. Overnight we received around two inches of snow. I decided to hike the North Country Trail through the school forest. I started at the bridge over the Sucker River and walked northeast to the Lake Superior shoreline, and then back the road to me car.  I'll post the pictures in two batches.

First, a picture taken out my friend window showing the snow falling in front of apples still clinging to my apple tree.

The first part of the North Country Trail, after leaving the bridge, follows an old logging road.

The trail passes through recently logged over fields.

The trail also follows the Sucker River for around the first mile.

During this transition time, vegetation is still able to show through the snow.

Then the trail heads north and goes up and down a series of dune formations.

The light snow made "puff ball" clumps on some of the trees.

As I hiked farther north, the ecosystem changed to a red pine forest.

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