Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dunes Snowshoe

As promised I'll post a few Grand Marais photos today. Wendy and I decided to snowshoe from Sable Lake over to Lake Superior, and then back across the foot bridge along the Sable River trail to the Sable Visitor's Center, where our cars were parked. It was sunny with temperatures in the 20s and windy -- but all in all a beautiful day. There are now three ice fishing shanties on Sable Lake.

Due to the warm temperatures the few days before the snowshoe, as well as the higher sun angle, much of the snow in the dunes has melted. I must admit that the amount of snow in the dunes looks more like April than it does February.

We snowshoed a different angle and kept coming across steep dunes. Sometimes the easiest and safest way to go down a frozen dune is to slide on your butt.

We snowshoed over to the Ghost Forest area. The floating pancake ice and icebergs hugging the shore were beautiful.

We have been enjoying getting our exercise in late afternoon so that on sunny days we can enjoy the sunsets.

I am glad we got to see the shoreline in all its wintry splendor. Yesterday the winds gusted to over 60 mph. The northwest winds pounded the icebergs. I'm sure there won't be much left as the winds continue today. I was at the museum all afternoon unpacking gift shop items from my last art show, as well as the new items I bought in Tucson. I have decided to open for the UP 200 Dog Sled Race today.

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