Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Trip Photos

Over the next several days, I'll continue to post photos from the Grand Canyon trip, while in some of the daily posts I'll include Grand Marais and agate photos.

Today I'll continue with the trip photos. Friend Phyl (short for Phyllis) flew in separate from Denver to Flagstaff and rented a car. She called me from Flagstaff and I returned the call once I arrived at the eastern entrance to the national park and had a cell phone signal. She had just arrived at the canyon, as had we, but we were on opposite ends. Wendy, Helen, and I toured the Desert View area and then drove to Grand Canyon villi age to meet up with Phyl. It is always nice to get to the Bright Angel Lodge. The first picture below was taken from the rim in front of the lodge. We had a quick beverage in the bar and then checked into our rooms in the Powell House.

During our drive north, the three of us purchased our "Grand Canyon bracelets," plus we bought one for Phyl. We also all assumed our Grand Canyon names.

We had to go to the store in the village to pick up a few things, but caught the end of sunset. Below is also a photo of a mule deer that was along side the road as well as the pen where they keep the mules.

Here is a picture of the typical Grand Canyon visitors. Over 5,000,000 people visit the canyon each year and only 5,000 hike to the bottom. My next trip photo update I'll start to include the pictures from the hike itself where we succeeded in being part of the 1/10 of one percent of the visitors who hike to the bottom and back up.

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