Friday, May 20, 2011

Interesting Fog Clouds

The hummingbirds have been back in Grand Marais for a week or so.

Last night I hiked in the Burt Township School Forest. When I arrived at the Lake Superior bluff, I could see fog rolling over the lake on the horizon. I decided to wait for the fog to roll closer to shore. Usually the fog is right at lake level. For what ever reason, last night not only was the fog elevated, but it appeared to be spinning from a central point, sort of like spokes on a bike wheel. I counted at least six spoke-like rows of fog. It was magnificent.  The first shot was taken looking east at two of the fog rolls.  The remaining shots are in sequence, taken during a four or five minute span.  It was unbelievable how fast these fog rolls were moving.

Some of the moss had thousands of these fruiting bodies.

One more shot before I left the beach.

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