Friday, May 27, 2011

Pictured Rocks Chapel Looop Hike -- Post 1

Yesterday three friends and I hiked the 9.8 mile Chapel Loop in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  Temperatures were in the high 30s to start with 15-25 mph winds, but it was sunny.  Helen from Marquette, Wendy from Grand Marais, and my friend, Clare, who is visiting from Colorado joined me for the glorious hike.

We headed north out of the Chapel Area Parking Lot toward Chapel Falls.

Flowers along Chapel River. I think these are Marsh Marigolds.

From the falls we continued north to Chapel Rock. It is amazing to me with all the incredible storms that we have had as of late that the tree is still standing. What a survivor with its main roots free-spanning it over to the "mainland."

Here are shots of all four of us on Chapel Beach.  First me, nicknamed Kaibab Cairn.

Then Clare, also nicknamed the "Colorado Connection," or CC for short.

Then Wendy, nicknamed Gwen Canyon.

Then Helen, nicknamed Kanyon Kelly, or KK for short.

The waves were just pounding the rocks....

We left Chapel Beach and started heading west around Grand Portal Point.  From a distance my friends could see Spray Falls.  I was not able to see the falls with the unaided eye, but with the telephoto on my camera.....

Here is a shot of "Battleship Row" lining the east side of the trail on the way to Grand Portal Point.

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