Thursday, June 23, 2011

Museum Photos

Yesterday I featured photos of the museum's gift shops, which are in the front two rooms. The back rooms are the museum displays. To help cover the museum's property taxes, I do charge adults 18 and over a small $1.00 fee for entering the museum. Kids can not only enter the museum for free, if they go into the history rooms and read, learn, and then verbalize a history fact to who ever is working the museum -- they get to select a free rock from a treasure chest. This year I'm adding a wrinkle -- each day we will tell the kids from which history display they must learn the fact.

First, photos from the mineral displays.

This display shows fluorescent rocks illuminated by short and long black light.

This is the doorway between the mineral displays and the history rooms.

Some of the lumber history displays....

Some of the Grand Marais history displays....

Some of the fishing history displays....

The mystery items display -- you have to guess what the items are.

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