Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Disc Golf Course in Grand Marais!

Local teacher, Brian Prill, applied for and received a grant to build and install a Frisbee golf course in the Burt Township School Forest, located a few miles east of Grand Marais. Our school has the largest school forest in the state of Michigan at over 1,300 acres.  Brian is Candace's husband.  Candace as many of you know is the museum assistant manager

Grab your discs and head out to the School Forest because Superior Pines is open…unofficially. The Grand Opening ceremony will take place on July 30th. The event will include a 50/50 raffle, brats and hot dogs, cold refreshments and a great time.

Although the course is open and ready for use, it is still a little rough, so bring some close toed shoes and pick up a few sticks as you play. So come and enjoy the Upper Peninsula’s first professional quality disc golf course!

Directions: Enter Grand Marais and head East on H-58. After 3 to 4 miles, turn left into the School Forest and then left onto Superior Pines (road before the bridge). Park past the chimney and look for post hole #1 and our coming soon trail head kiosk.

Friend, Renee, and I headed out there last night to play our first round!  The second photo below I took from the school's web page.

The eighth hole provides an extra special challenge.  The arrow below shows the basket.  I must admit that we chickened out and did not try to throw our disks over the river.  We baled and went around to the left.

For those who have not played, you start at the tee box and count your throws down the course.  When you get near the basket, you throw the disk into the chains and complete the hole when your disc falls into the bottom of the basket.

We noticed Lady Slippers along the course.

At points along the course, you follow the Sucker River.


  1. We are visiting on vacation. We had no idea there was a course here! We found it accidently when looking for blueberries. We are on our way to play for the second time....and I'm sure they're will be more the rest of the week. Thank you to those who made it happen!

  2. Great course. You guys are awesome!