Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grand Marais Construction Update

I am busy making mineral art product for the Muskallonge State Park Rock On agate show taking place this weekend in Deer Park, so I don't have a lot of time to spend on the blog update this morning.  So I'll include a few more pictures showing the progress on some of the construction projects gong on in Grand Marais.

The second crew has resumed progress on the break wall.

They have a cute tug that is used to push the work barges around.

They are piling their boulders in the parking lot at the end of Coast Guard Point.  Thus, for the most part, I am not sure if there is access to the original break wall from that parking lot, at least when they are working.  For those of you who fish from the break wall, it may be safer to park in the lot at Northshore Lodge, and cut across the beach to access the break wall. 

They have started to black top the half of each road that was taken up to access the water pipes so that the pipes could be replaced.

The new ambulance fire barn is taking shape.

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