Friday, September 28, 2012

Night Photos

Today was the last day for me to work at the museum for the year. Thanks to friend, Jill, who is going to watch the museum this weekend -- the final weekend of the year. The hours will be 2-5 Friday and Sunday; Saturday will be noon to 5 if there are people. If it is slow, I told Jill she could close an hour early.

Thanks to everyone who visited the museum this summer, especially to those who purchased the book, rocks, mineral art, or other items. All gift shop sales support the museum and will help to hopefully keep the doors open.

But since it was my last day at the museum for the season, I decided to take an hour or so off to visit a friend. On the way home I snapped a few night photos.

After pulling up my driveway, I took this picture of one of my apple trees.  Then I played on Photoshop using filters to change the image.  Interesting.

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