Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grand Sable Dunes hike

This past Sunday I went hiking with Jamey and Lois.  Our original intent was to hike from Sable Lake to Lake Superior and back.  However, as we made decisions during our hike, we ended up in the northeast corner of the dunes.  So we decided to head for the bridge across the river near Sable Falls and then we hiked back the trail along the river to Sable Visitors Center and back the road to Sable Lake.

We decided to hike the dunes because there was enough wind in the dunes to keep the bugs down.  It was a beautiful evening.

While walking over to the dunes, Jamey found a snake that had been run over.

There are wild flowers in the dunes -- everywhere.

A couple of old telegraph poles....

Notice the blue light.  Is it a UFO or a reflection off the lens?

Notice Jamey up on the dune....

Along the way we found and feasted on wild strawberries.  I didn't eat much that day so as we climbed up and down several dunes, I think I really needed the energy we got from eating these small, but very sweet treats.


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