Monday, June 10, 2013

Tahquamenon Falls

The last two days I have spent all my spare time working on the garden.  Last year I was way too busy to plant a garden.  Therefore, despite having some garden cloth laid down, the weeds took over.  This year I am splitting the garden with friends, Jamey and Lois.  It still took the three of us a few days to prepare the garden for planting.  Then we went to Newberry to buy the vegetable seedlings.  The growing season in Grand Marais is so short that we really do need to start with plants when ever possible.

On the way to Newberry, we stopped at the Blind Sucker Flooding.  In the photo below Jamey was checking out the shoreline.

We tried looking for morels in several locations without luck.  So at the Newberry Farmer's Market I purchased a pound for $18.

Jamey did find some burls that he is going to use to make something.

We had lunch at Tahquamenon Falls brewery.

The flow rate over the falls was around 1/3 peak (see chart below).

Check out the wolf on display.  Lois had never seen the falls and Jamey had not seen them for several years.  It was a great stop.

Map of the river and falls area...

The falls.....

Click on the image below to read the dates on this tree stump.

Of course we went down the steps...



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  1. I think the burls look like giant red beets! LOL!