Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yard Visitors

Believe it or not -- I am not sure where my camera is at.  I hiked with Jill yesterday and since she drove -- I think I left it in her car.  We had bushwhacked through the woods looking for morels, so I was concentrating on checking for ticks.  It is also possible that I left the camera at the museum.  I'm sure I'll find it, but I feel weird not having my camera, which is always within an arm's reach.

So for today's posting, I'll include just a few pictures I took while down state at my son and daughter-in-law's house for the baby shower.  They have a fairly good sized back yard in an older neighborhood in South Lyon, MI.  While sitting with Jessica one afternoon, I documented some of the visitors to their back yard. 

Actually, the first two photos below are of a baby woodchuck that I spotted along side a road when I was running an errand with my son, Jonathan.


A robin...

 A tree frog...

A dove...


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