Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Moon Rise, Rainbow, and Unusual Agate

Today I will post a few more photos from this past weekend.  Friends, Jamey and Lois, came out to the Rock On Agate Show on Saturday night to join me for the dinner that is put on by the Muskallonge State Park crew.  I think this is the third year that they have fed us dealers -- they do a great job!

After dinner we hung out for a bit waiting for it to get dark.  Then we headed down to the Lake Superior shoreline hoping to see the Northern Lights. 

Someone constructed a tee pee at the bottom of the steps.

We spotted this monarch butterfly.

Unfortunately we did not see the northern lights, so Jamey and Lois headed back to Grand Marais.  I decided to give it one more try and I headed back down to the beach.  At one point I started to see a bit of a glow on the horizon.  Since it had clouded up, I thought that maybe there was just a peak at possible northern lights.  Then I realized it was the moon rising.

Sunday we had spotty rain showers intermixed with some sun.  Finally, a rainbow did form.  I got a few photos from my back yard.

The other day repeat museum visitors brought in a weird agate that they showed me earlier this year.  After arriving home, they soaked the agate over night in CLR.  There was a black material mixed between the agate section.  The CLR successfully removed the black material.



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