Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunsets and Beach Walks

Yesterday when I was heading home after having dinner with friends in town, I captured a beautiful sunset from H58 west looking toward Sable Visitor's Center.

I didn't get a chance to do a blog posting this morning since I had to finish getting my house ready for guests.  My good friends, Clare and Mark Comstock (brother and sister) came up for another visit.  We have had many great ones over the years.  After having dinner at my house, we decided to go down to First Creek and walk west toward Sable River (Second Creek as we locals call it).  When Lois and I exercised on the steps the other night, we noticed that it looked like there was a section of shoreline with no exposed beach.  We had to check it out from the east to see if this is true.  I called Jamey and Lois and they met us at First Creek.

Mark and Clare....

Beach structure built around a month ago....

A float plane flew by.  We think it may have landed in the bay.


Notice Au Sable lighthouse sticking up at around the 7pm position.

Lois, Jamey, and Mark...

Mark, Clare, and me....

The teepee made it through both storms.

As we hiked west, we finally spotted the section of beach wherein the trees are sticking out over top of the water.

The only way to get around the trees and continue west would have required getting our feet wet. Since it was getting dark, we turned around and headed back.

Here is the same picture using a flash.

There was a lot of black sand up the beach.  When I used the flash, we could see sparkles.  We were wondering if the sparkles are flakes of gold.

Lois, Jamey, Mark and Clare.  Notice the contrast between the regular sand bluff in the background and the black sand below.

Thanks to my son, Kevin, for helping me to move the remaining seven face cords of wood into my wood shed.  With my shoulder, I couldn't haul the weight, but I could stack it.

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