Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yard Photos, Geese, and More

Well, the museum hours are now done for the year.  In the next several days I have plans, so I will not be available for any private museum appointments.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by this summer to help make this museum's season a success.  I have not finished crunching the numbers, but sales are about the same as last year.  I'll take it!

I only put up half a deer fence this year, thinking that would be enough.  Actually, I was just so busy I never made the time to put up the other half.  Bad decision.  The deer ate most of my beans.

Walking my paths....

Apples, tomatoes, and just a few beans the deer could not reach.

The geese hung out by the basketball courts, across from the museum, a good part of the week.

Mushroom season...

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