Monday, May 16, 2016

Farm Field Agate Hunting

After the Cuyuna show last weekend, I went agate hunting with my friend, Sharon Smith, and her friend, Click.  The land was owned by a 78 year old farmer, Leonard, who still works his certified organic farm with his brother.  There is so much rock in the field that I am surprised that he can grow crops!  It had not rained since the fields were plowed, so the rocks were quite dirty.  However, we did find a few agates and I got to have my first ever tractor ride!

In addition to two large farm fields, they also have 150 cows!

The farm field we walked looking for agates is 35 acres.

The agate I found....

Spring is a few weeks ahead in Brainerd, MN as compared to Grand Marais.  All the fruit trees were in bloom!

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