Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Agate Cross B&B--The Best Choice for Lodging in Grand Marais

With all the rain we have had as of late, I have not been able to get out and exercise every day.  Plus, I am so busy incorporating the editors' changes in the Grand Marais history book, that even when I do get out to exercise, Lois and I have been going up and down the Sable Falls steps to be efficient with our time.  The editing is going a bit slower than I expected, but I am working through the process.  I should be done with the final edits by this weekend, after which I will be cutting and pasting the text and photos into the publishing software.  Hopefully I will have the book ready to send to the printer in the next two weeks.

So for today's blog posting I decided to share photos I took of Jamey and Lois Fite's Agate Cross Bed and Breakfast.  Many of my friends, relatives, and museum customers have stayed there.  The verdict is unanimous:  this is the best place in Grand Marais to stay.  Not only are the rooms and decor fantastic, but in the morning you get an absolutely gourmet breakfast.  To book a room, call Lois at 906-494-2990.  You can also book a room on Airbnb.  I took the photos to help Lois set up a new web page since the chamber's previous web page has been discontinued.  We are not sure yet what the new web page address will be, but in the weeks to come a new web page will be available.

I'll let the photos tell the story about how wonderful this lodging choice is.

The living room next to where the breakfast is served....

The Agate Cross offers a nice view of the bay...



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