Saturday, January 4, 2020

Madison, WI Zoo

In December I drove to my oldest son's home located outside of Madison, WI.  It was a short visit, but we were able to go for a walk and visit the zoo in Madison.  It is a terrific zoo.

First of all, before I left Grand Marais I went down to the boardwalk to say goodbye to Lake Superior and the snow covered beach.

We walked a few blocks to have breakfast.  My granddaughter loves to jump the big rocks.

After breakfast we went to the zoo in Madison.

We at first could not figure out why the orangutan was eating paper stuck to the glass.  My son figured out they coated the edible paper with honey.  The orangutan was quite ingenious.  When he finished eating the easy to get to paper, he walked across the enclosure, grabbed a barrel, dragged the barrel over to the window, and finished munching away!

The lions were enjoying the sunshine...

The carousal was operating, so my granddaughter wanted a ride!

My granddaughter loves to climb!

Of course, the Madison zoo has to have badgers....

The polar bear was pacing back and forth and rubbing his head on the window.

My son and I walked the dogs at a park that features a Native American burial mound.

From the top you can see the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Looking the other way you can see a very active spring.

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