Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mouth of Sable River with Ice

Today's photo journal pictures are the rest of those I took two days ago when friends, Gerald and Jill, and I walked down the Sable Falls trail to the Lake Superior beach. For those of you who are familiar with the trail, you know that there is a huge dune on the west side of the river right at the mouth. In the winter it does look a bit different with a bit of snow mixed in with the sand. For those not familiar with the dune, it is around 150 feet tall.

This photo was taken from the edge of the river looking west. It was snowing so visibility was only around a half mile. In the picture are Gerald and Jill walking down the beach. You can also see the row of rock and sand. This is the remnants of the ice that has already melted and dumped its load. Notice that the bulk of the ice has not yet broken up or melted. You agate hunters probably are hoping for some warm weather combined with spring storm waves that Will break up the ice. I love taking pictures of the ice, so I'll enjoy a few more weeks of willing photo subjects.

Another shot looking west.

Looking east from the river...

Here are close ups of the rocks dumped from the ice that already melted.

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