Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sable Falls and River

Yesterday morning it was sunny, but then snow moved in again in the afternoon. I decided I wanted to see what Sable Falls is looking like, so friends Jill, Gerald, and I headed down the icy steps. With the rain and slow melting, flow over the falls is really cranked up.

As you can see, there is still quite a bit of ice in the river.

Last fall the park service did some trail maintenance on the path from the falls down to the beach. Here is one of the new sections.

The river is trying to break its way through the icebergs. Along the river, there are a few rocks showing.

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  1. Love Sable Falls. I got engaged there. Well, I guess I technically got engaged out on the beach, sitting on a piece of driftwood, but I'd had suspicions that he was going to propose, so I'd brought along a surprise ring for him, and I proposed right back to him, at Sable Falls, about 30 minutes after he proposed to me. It'll always be a special memory. This was also the destination of my first real "hike." Grandma Anna (McNalley) was working at the Dunes Visitor Center and Papa George and I hiked out to the falls. I had my Cabbage Patch Kid stuffed in my backpack.
    Love your blog. Looking at the photos makes me so happy! Thanks! I'll have to stop in and say Hi next time we're up there.