Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moon, Shoreline Erosion, Ice, and Freighter

Since I have taken full moon pictures a couple of times now, the other night I decided to try to capture a crescent moon.

It is warm and raining outside right now, so the remaining snow is disappearing quickly. A couple of days ago I decided to get one last ski in through the school forest. As you can see, there are areas in the woods protected from the sun that had snow. I must admit, getting out there from H58 required some walking over bare ground.

I skied out to what we locals call the "Bond House." It actually was purchased by the Whaley family in the 1990s. The first time I was at this house was around 1990. At that time I was surprised how far back from the bluff the house was built. It was located at least 300 feet from the bluff, but maybe a bit more. Within a decade the erosion took the bluff, and then would have taken the house if the Whaleys did not have the house torn down -- room by room. The view of the ice from the top of the eroded bluff was fantastic. These first three shots are looking west.

A section of the stairway is all that remains of the once very large house.

To get to the Bond house, you used to be able to drive another few hundred feet down this now dead-end road, turn right, and drive right up to the house. The access road along with a couple of other houses is now gone.

I had to drop some Grand Marais food coop paperwork off to our club's president, Candace Prill. She and her husband are living in Irv Olli's old house, located above town. As a kid I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time up there. I still love the view, even though more trees have grown up over the last several decades. When I was there the other day, I was happy to see the second freighter of the week.

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