Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sable Lake, Sunset, Waves, and Ice

With the warm temperatures this week, the ice on Sable Lake appears to be getting much thinner.

A couple of more sunset shots over Grand Marais Bay from the other night.

While I was walking on the south side of the bay, I turned back toward town and captured this shot showing ice in the foreground. The building with the red roof is the grocery store. You can also see the construction on what we locals used to call Cozy Corner. The owners plan on turning the building into an outfitter store.

All you agate hunters will be happy to hear that yesterday the 30-45 mph winds were pounding on the remaining shore ice. I'll have to check it out today to see if there are any rocks showing in front of Woodland Park yet. You can see that as of yesterday, there was still ice hugging shore and covering up the rocks. Notice that some of the ice closer to shore is mixed with sand.

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