Monday, January 30, 2012

Agate Hunting in Arizona

We woke up yesterday after camping on BLM land to a glorious morning.

Gerald took off by himself to trek up the mountain you can see in the photo below.  Jill and I walked the flats looking for chalcedony roses and fire agate.

This is the nicest chalcedony rose that I found.

A view of our spot looking west.

Jill and I agate hunted for about an hour and a half.  On our way back to our vehicles, I spotted this prayer circle.  It was not near any of the two-track roads -- just out in the middle of nowhere.  I am not sure, but it could be an artifact left over from Native Americans.  There was a sign posted as we drove in saying not to disrupt any artifacts.

Jill found this shed snakeskin.

I had a request to take pictures of the inside of my 23 foot rented RV.

In this high desert field, there are holes in the ground everywhere.  Most of the holes are just an inch or two wide, but this one was a foot in diameter.

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