Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Real Cold Winter Day

I am glad that I stoked the fire in my wood burner before I went to bed last night, as well as half way through the night. At my house this morning it was two degrees (F). South of Grand Marais temperatures were below zero.

Yesterday I did go on a long snowshoe, but I didn't take any photographs. So this morning when I drove to town to the post office, I drove around and took a few shots.

First, a shot of the channel leading to Grand Marais bay.  I took the shot from the top of the hill on Airport Road.

With the cold temperatures last night, we actually have the first hint of ice on the bay -- only at the marina end of the bay.  The shiny section of the bay below is a covering of ice.

I didn't notice it at first, but as I drove around the bay I noticed the seagulls sitting on the ice.  I cannot believe that they were resting out in the exposed area on the thin ice.

Then I decided to walk out onto the boardwalk to see what the beach looks like.  This place will always be special to me since my youngest son, Jonathan, was married on the boardwalk.

From the boardwalk, I captured this picture of the lighthouse.  The other day when I took a shot of the lighthouse from a different angle, there was some ice built up on the lighthouse's structure.  The warm temperatures and wind during the last few days melted and blew the ice away.

The final shot I took from the boardwalk is looking west.  Notice how little snow there is on the beach as well as the beach walker.

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