Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow, Winter Sunset, and New Camera

As some of you know, I have started posting some pictures on Facebook.  I must admit that I have seen a hint of the power of social media.  It still scares me because I think that social media is drastically affecting communication patterns.  It is complex.  I'm sure there is some good that is resulting from social media, but there are probably some downsides, too.  The reason I mention Facebook is that I will use some of the photos from this blog on Facebook.  I will always post more photos here on this blog, and not all the topics I cover here will be posted on Facebook.

The last time I used my old camera was during a quick cross country ski on the beach the other night.  I wanted to catch some sunset pictures.  The entire sky cooperated that night.

Outer harbor lighthouse....

Sunset over Grand Sable Dunes....

The "front porch," ice, with the lighthouse in the background.

Today I used my new camera with its super zoom lens.  These birds were feeding on apples in the trees in front of my house.  They were 150 feet away.  I love this zoom, which is even more powerful than the zoom on my old camera.

I documented the snow around my house.  At the top of my driveway the pile is around 14 feet tall.  I believe the snow rake is 10 feet long.

East side of my house, which does not drift as much.  The snow here is around four feet deep.

South side of my house where it does drift.  Amazing.

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  1. Wonderful pictures of the cedar waxwings! They are beautiful birds!