Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Very Cold Beach Snowshoe

Yesterday was beautiful with full sun, so Barb and I decided to snowshoe on the beach, along the east side of Grand Marais Bay. It was around 9 degrees ambient, but the wind chill was around -10 degrees.  We walked on the beach east to the Sucker River, which was frozen of course. On the way back to the car, we had to walk into the wind. I must admit, today my left eye is quite sore. It was not sore when I arrived home since I worked on the book for several hours. So this morning, I pulled out my eye drops left over from cataract surgery. They are helping. Next time, I will wear goggles.

This morning it is below zero with wind chills in the -20 degree range. I am staying in all day.

Looking across the bay toward Coast Guard Point.

Barb and her dog, Jake.

Frozen Sucker River.....

I tried to get a photo of the splashing waves, but my hands were too cold to be patient.

This morning's temperature....

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