Saturday, February 27, 2021

Exhausting but beautiful snowshoe and winter picnic.

On Fridays my friend, Barb, and I go on winter adventures and have a picnic. Yesterday, temperatures were in the mow 30s with sun, but with significant wind sustained at 20mph and gusts over 30mph. We decided to climb the hill west of First Creek.

We parked at the side of the road and headed toward the steps at First Creek. Here is the view of Lake Superior from the bluff.

Barb braved the snow covered steps on snowshoe. I was chicken so I went down the hill next to the steps.

The valley to the south of the steps....

Then we climbed up the hill to the west of the steps.

Up, up, up....

Views from the top....

Grand Marais Bay.

Next, we snowshoed around the perimeter of the valley up on top.

Then we found a spot out of the wind on the bluff and enjoyed a hot chicken veggi dinner I carried in a large-mouth thermos.

Barb's dog, Jake.

We shared champagne to celebrate my finishing compiling the review draft for my new book titled "Rocks Inside Out."

Then we headed back down the hill. Carefully, since it was icy.

Crossing frozen First Creek.

View looking north from First Creek.

Almost back to our cars. I must admit, I was totally spent and exhausted. It was quite a trek!

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