Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Spring Hike

Friends (Kathy, Kim, Sandee) and I went hiking today. It was around 60 degrees with a slight breeze. Since the bugs were out of control, we dressed appropriately.

We hiked from H58 West down the Masse Homestead trail, and then up into the dunes. The forget-me-nots were in FULL bloom.

Once into the dunes, we headed west, north-west toward the Log Slide. It is just an amazing section of the dunes that is not enjoyed by many people. Notice the clouds in the one photo. The shot was taken looking south at the intra-peninsula convergence clouds. When we were almost to the Log Slide, we stopped and had lunch -- and then took a rest before continuing on.

Once we reached the log slide, we headed down the Masse Homestead Trail back to the car.

By the way -- here is a shot I took yesterday, just after sunset.

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