Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Morning Hike

Kathy, Kim, and I went on our daily hike this morning. We try to go in the morning when we can since this just seems to start the day out right. Plus, for me, it is best because I get my exercise out of the way before I start my workahaulic ways.

This morning we hiked the Masse Homestead Trail from H58 West, and then went up into the dunes. The wild flowers were in full bloom, with the Trilliums at their life cycle end and others just starting their blooming period. The bugs, unfortunately, were also in full bloom. But if you kept walking they were not too bad.

When I arrived home, I decided to document some of the hummingbirds. I had to put out another feeder because sometimes 10 or 12 birds are fighting for the 4 feeder spots. Everyone agrees that the hummingbird population, and thus their antics to fight for the feeders, is more incredible than it has ever been.

I received correspondence from Muskullonge Lake State Park yesterday. Their event to celebrate the state park system's 90th anniversary is in full swing. The Gitche Gumee Museum will have a booth, along with other vendors. There is a horseshoe tournatment, kids games, campfire cooking demonstrations, sled dogs, civil war reinactments, fly fishing demonstrations, 4-H rock club crafting, cake cutting ceremony, and much more. I will be giving my Understanding and Finding Agates power point presentation at 5:00pm. The event takes place at Muskallonge Lake State Park, located on County Road 407 around 20 miles east of Grand Marais. For more information contact Jim Dzelak, the Unit Supervisor at 906-658-3338.

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