Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miscellaneous Winter Photos

Yesterday I skied the cross country trails in the national park. We received a few inches of snow the night before so they were able to finally groom the trails. Both the track and the glide was better than it has been all year.

Most of the winter the snow guage has shown a depth of around five or six inches.  We have had lake effect snow this week so now we have around ten inches.  There did seem to be a drift, however, in the area where the snow guage is located.

We had major wind the other night.  That combined with snow coming off my roof caused this tunnel like drift next to my wood shed.

The lack of snow continues to be seen with the lack of drifting on the south side of my house.  Normally the drifts are up to the middle or top of the windows at this time of the year.

Sometimes the wind blows and deforms the icicles.

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  1. Snow, snow snow! You have a lot more than we do in lower Mi. Pretty though isn't it? You sure do keep busy with outdoor activities, you must be really fit!