Friday, February 24, 2012

Tahquamenon Falls Ski -- Lower Falls

Yesterday I had to drive to Sault Ste Marie to sign papers to refinance my house. I have been trying to do so since September with many failed attempts. The primary difficulty has been because I could not get a valid appraisal since only two houses have sold in Grand Marais in the past year that can be used as comparables (you need 3). This is not fair since I cannot help it if I live in a town of less than 400 people.  The Old Mission Bank in the Soo knew this up front and said it was not a problem since I have a lot of equity in the house. This refi makes my life a lot easier. Thanks to Nicholas Eby at Old Mission Bank. If anyone in the central or eastern U.P., or northern lower Michigan needs to acquire a mortgage or a refi -- please give Old Mission Bank a call at 906-635-9910.

To celebrate the refi, I decided to ski Tahquamenon Falls. First I stopped at the lower falls. Although there are no ski trails there, I skied the path created by others who have hiked back to see the cascading falls.

There was plenty of snow on the boardwalk, which was a blast to ski.

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