Monday, February 20, 2012

UP 200 Dog Sled Race Finish

I arrived at the museum yesterday at 10 am since I was told the mushers would be finishing around 11. Two teams had already come in before I arrived. I kept the museum open for a few hours when most of the crowd dispersed, even though there were still a couple of teams out on the trail.

The home locations of the mushers included:
Alaska 2
Michigan 7
Minnesotta 7
Montana 1
North Dakato 2
Wisconsin 1
Quebec 1

The musher information:
1 Vogel Amanda F Ray MN. USA Rookie
2 Gill David M Skandia MI USA Veteran
3 Malikowski Kevin M Outing MN USA Veteran
4 Zappa Monica F Kasilof Alaska USA Rookie
5 Wallin Ward M Two Harbors MN USA Veteran
6 Osmar Tim M Kasilof Alaska USA Rookie
7 Moe Frank M Bemidji MN USA Veteran
8 Koenig Martin M Seeley Lake Montana USA Veteran
9 Tremblay Denis M St. Michel des Saints Quebec Canada Veteran
10 Groeneveld Troy M Two Harbors MN USA Rookie
12 Anderson Ryan M Ray MN USA Veteran
13 Raasoch Krister M Marlborough NH USA Veteran
14 Williamson JR M White Cloud MI USA Veteran
15 Letzring Andrew M Herbster WI USA Veteran
16 Stielstra Ed M McMillan MI USA Veteran
17 Johnson Nancy F Devil's Lake ND USA Veteran
18 Johnson Matt M Munising MI USA Veteran
19 Hunt Tim M Skandia MI USA Veteran
20 Johnson Roger M Devil's Lake ND USA Veteran
21 Schroeder Nathan M Chisholm MN USA Veteran
22 Jorgenson Odin M Grandmarais MN USA Veteran
23 Bauer Tom M Tapiola MI USA Veteran
24 Minard Rick M Newberry MI USA Veteran

The top five finishers:
1 Ryan Anderson
3 Martin Koenig
4 Nathan Schroeder
5 Frank Moe

As I arrived on sunday morning, I was treated to a sprint to the finish by two of the teams.

When each team arrived, veternarians examined all of the dogs.

A local mush was interviewed at the delight of his supporters at the finish line.

Last night I decided to ski my property.  I snapped this picture to document the lack of snow this winter.  Normally this area on the south side of my house has another several feet of snow.

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