Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Beach Walk and Sable Falls

Here are the remainder of photos from the winter beach walk I took the other night.

This first shot I took while approaching Sable River.

Here is a picture of dune rising above Sable River.

A close up of the dune ridges....

The mouth of Sable River, or Second Creek, where it enters Lake Superior.  In most years there are huge ice bergs here.  Not this year.

This is a shot of the river looking south toward Sable Falls.

One more beach picture looking east.

A couple of shots of the ice hanging over the river off the banks.

More ice on the river.

The forest along the river.  I like the colors and contrast of the sand and snow.

And Sable Falls.  With the warm temperatures, the increased flow has broken up a lot of the ice on the falls.

Then I snowshoed across the fields back to my car.  This pine tree appears to have new growth on it all ready. 

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