Monday, January 14, 2013

Agate Before and After tumbling and More

One of my agate hunting friends, Chris Cooper, sent me a few pictures of an agate that he had shown me at the museum last August.  It is an agate that he knocked out of bedrock while diving off the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Since this agate nodule had not been subjected to erosional forces, it still had a full husk.

After Chris tumbled the agate...

My cats, Lucky Jed and Ramses, keep me company while I'm working on the project.

Around a week ago we still had snow, although not as much as usual.  There have been some winters when the drift on the south side of my house was higher than the windows.

My friend, Renee, and I snowshoed the trails on my back lot.

There is an old blind that is falling down.  We rescued the bench out of the blind.

Me with a funky winter hat.

Late last week and over the weekend we had a January thaw with temperatures in the 40s.  Most of the snow melted.  Other than the drift with snow that fell off my roof, there is not much snow left.

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