Monday, January 28, 2013

First Ski of the Year

Actually I have cross country skied the last two days.  I made a promise to myself and others that once I finished the development of the online rockhounding adventures that I would resume my exercise program.  In fact, other than working a few hours I took the weekend off.  Today I'll start real-time testing the nine adventures before launching sometime later this week.

On Saturday before skiing, I had to go to town to mail a few orders.  When I tried to drive up the driveway, even with my Suburban in four wheel drive -- the car slide on ice under the snow off to the side of my driveway.  I got stuck for the first time in several years.  Here is a photo of the top of my driveway and a couple of where I was stuck.

I stopped the car before it was too bad so it only took around 45 minutes to dig the car out.  It could have been worse.  So much for paying for plowing -- this time they didn't keep up with the blowing and drifting.

The first ski of the year...

I skied with Sandee Sibbald the last two days.

Here is the map of the trails -- the distances are not correct.

Yesterday while waiting for Sandee to show up, I noticed there are a couple of new interpretive signs just off the parking lot at Sable Visitors' Center.  The signs provide information about the North Country Trail.




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