Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Photos

When I went to town yesterday to mail out a couple of orders, I took a few photos of the bay before braving the cold temperatures at the boardwalk.  The chill factor was around 15 below so I didn't spend much time outside since I was not properly dressed.  When it is that cold, you have to cover every inch of exposed skin -- which I didn't.  The recent snow and cold temperatures have caused ice to form not only on shore, but also off shore for several hundred yards.  Plus, for the first time in years the bay is freezing over.  We can thank the new breakwall for that.  It is amazing to think that you could still agate hunt a week ago.  Certainly that is not possible now.

Some snowmobilers drove by as I was at the post office.

Our now frozen bay.

The board walk and beach...

It was snowing and very windy so these photos of the lighthouse didn't come out very well.  But I included them so you can see how the ice is building up on the lighthouse structure.

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