Friday, February 15, 2013

Incredible North Country Trail Snowshoe -- Post 2

Yesterday I brought my Eden Pure heater over to the museum, turned it on, and left it on overnight. Today I'll head over there and see if it has enough heat generating capacity to warm the museum up. If so, I'll unpack all the product from the last show and open for the UP 200 dog sled race on Saturday. It is supposed to be quite cold with temperatures in the low teens at best. I'll try to be open at least noon to 3:00 pm on Saturday. Depending on when the dog sled teams are coming and going, I may open other hours. The official checkpoint is right in front of the museum, so it is worth opening. I am going to have to a better job making sure that the people who come into the museum to just get warm, don't prevent potential customers or museum visitors from coming in. This has been a problem in the past.

But for today's blog update I'll post the rest of the pictures from the long snowshoe I took the other day.  The first one below continues down the North Country Trail.

We passed by the cool downed wood.
Then we finally arrived at the shoreline. As it turned out, we missed one of the blue markers for the designated trail and snowshoed too far west.  Since we knew we wanted to go to Pathway Beach, we backtracked.  We didn't arrive to the shoreline until 4:00.  That was a long walk in that took more than three hours.
The icebergs are awesome!
We made a fire, cooked chicken, and had a great lunch.
We hung out for an hour and a half.  Lois warmed her feet before we headed back to our car.
It was twilight before we left the shoreline at 5:30.  We walked the road back, rather than the North Country Trail.

We got back to the car just after 7:00.  The rising moon greeted us when we snowshoed down the last part of the trail.  It was a beautiful day with a great snowshoe and terrific picnic, but we were glad to see the car.

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