Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Terrific Snowshoe

Yesterday my friends, Jamey and Lois, came over for a great snowshoe.  We left from my house and bushwhacked south across my property, cut across my neighbor's, and checked out the meteor.  As you regular blog followers know, I have been snowshoeing periodically throughout the winter.  The blizzards over the last week, however, really made a difference.  The snow was DEEP!  In fact, the snow was so deep that at one point I stepped through some branches that were not visible and my snowshoe broke.  At least it decided to break when we were almost through the woods and near the road.

Here are a couple of photos taken earlier in the week during one of the snow storms.

But yesterday the sun was out during the beginning of the snowshoe.  By the end, the snow was back.



You have to get back into the woods to see some great views of snow on the trees....

Is the tree below looking at us?

In the middle of the woods we came across an old dilapidated cabin with an old car parked next to it -- both buried in snow.  I couldn't believe when Jamey decided to see if a bear was hibernating in the old car.  There was not, thankfully.

Nearby there was evidence of bear.  Jamey says that these are claw marks left from cubs that were sent up the tree for protection.

Then we arrived at the meteor.  As I have reported before, it is actually a glacial erratic dragged here 10,000 years ago by the glaciers.

I finished designing all of the logistical pages for the web page that will facilitate access to the online rockhounding adventures.  I sent off the files to my webmaster last night.  Once he has the pages set up, I'll upload the project files.  Then we will test.  Today I'll also prepare the regular webpage update files.  So after two years of work, hopefully the "Project" will be launched in the next few days.

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