Friday, February 12, 2016

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

Our snow total for the year is not as high as the past two years, but the weather is trying hard this week to catch up.  We have yet another lake effect warning today, as we have had most of the week.  With single digit temperatures and 20-30 mph winds, the wind chill is well below zero.  Since the UP 200 starts in Marquette tonight at 7pm, the mushers and dogs will have Alaska-like weather again this year.  Since the event is a qualifier for the Idterod, it will be a good test.

My virus relapsed this week so I have not been out much.  So for today's post, I took photos of the snow that is piling up around my house.

First:  the current white out....

I have been trying to stay ahead of the game for this summer.  Here are a couple of agate lamps that I have recently made.....

Research on the Grand Marais history book continues.  I hope to start writing next week.

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