Saturday, November 7, 2020

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Hike -- Post 2

 Well, I will admit it.  My legs are even more sore today.  As my friend, Helen, says:  "It is a good sore."  

Today I will continue posting photos from the Thursday hike.  

As we turned west and headed along the Lake Superior bluff toward Chapel Rock, we came across a huge section of the Pictured Rocks cliffs that broke off.  The photo below does not show the scale of the rock fall.  The section that broke off is the size of a large truck.


Scenes along the way....

I have only been to this section of the trail by Spray falls a few other times.  This waterfalls flows over the Pictured Rocks cliffs into Lake Superior.

The lookout point to see the falls is a quarter mile east of the falls.  Click on the image below to better see the falls.

Below is Grand Portal Point, taken from Spray Falls.  In the past, I have posted photos of Spray Falls from Grand Portal Point.

More rock fall....

Source of Spray Falls.....

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