Sunday, November 8, 2020

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Hike -- Post 3

 Today I will share the remaining photos from the hike I took on Thursday.  These include the pictures taken after leaving Spray Falls, continuing to Chapel Rock and Chapel Falls, and finally to Chapel Parking.

At the point in the trail shown below, we were still around a mile and a half from Chapel Rock.  The point in the distance is Grand Portal Point.  The inlet before the point (out of view to the left) is Chapel Beach.

Grand Portal Point...

This bridge was a bit scary to cross.

Approaching Chapel Rock.  The tree is growing on top of the rock.

We stopped short of Chapel Rock to have lunch.  Both Helen and I have backpack chairs.  We were both tired and needed a good rest!  Thanks to Helen, and her husband, Jim, for making the food!

I forgot to take photos of our lunch, but I ate the leftovers for dinner.  Now that is a sandwich!  The Fritos and cookies were also treats!



Here is my view at lunch.... 

Chapel Rock....

The hike from Chapel Rock goes up hill for the first half mile.  I did not take any photos during this section.  Once you clear the hill, the amount of mud and much was beyond belief!  Throughout the day we also had to crawl over more downed trees than we could count.  The 60 mph wind the previous weekend took its toll.

After just short of another two miles we arrived to Chapel Falls.

Here is the map of our trek again.

Thanks again, Helen, for a great day!

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