Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lake Superior Sunset

Today I'll post a few more sunset photos from the evening on the beach two nights ago. I didn't get out yesterday to exercise since it was raining with temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. There is snow coming again for tomorrow, so I will definitely get out today.

Now I am going to post a video for just the second time ever on this blog.  One task in designing the online rockhounding adventures has been to climb the learning curve regarding the digital video world.  There must be 20 different video formats seemingly all with inconsistent frame rates (speed).  The software I am using to design the online rockhounding adventures is extremely specific regarding the video formats and speed that it will expect.  Of course, these specifications are not in line with the way that the rest of the world works.  To make matters worse, the video produced by my Cannon camera is also in a completely different and somewhat incompatible format.  But I have learned about, acquired, and started using various video converter software programs.  Some of the programs are available free for download, but I did purchase one yesterday for around $40. (4 videosoaft video converter platinum)  This was not an easy decision since there are dozens of programs.  To make the decision I spent three hours reviewing the options, reading Internet forum discussions, checking out reviewer comments, etc.   The learning curve is worth it, however, since it is allowing me to add videos to the rockhounding adventures.

To capture the video that follows, I had my camera mounted on a mini six inch tripod.  I was sitting on the beach around two feet from the high water mark -- so I thought.  Then I would as gently as possible pivot the camera from side to side and then try to turn off the record button without moving the camera. While filming, Lake Superior decided to say hello.  The tip of the wave went past the legs of the tripod, all the way to my shoes, but thankfully did not get the camera wet. 

I'll dedicate this video clip to all of you who visit this blog.  I especially want to thank those of you who have gone out of your way to give me positive comments and feedback about this blog.  Thanks for the synergy. 


  1. I don't think you need to worry about mastering digital, because the first picture up there is a work of art. If you framed some prints, you could definitely sell a few in the shop. I know I would take one. And the video! Wow! Excellent work. I suppose I am biased regarding the subject matter, but it came out very clean.

  2. thank you for the video...cannot wait to get back up there in June! this was excellent....

  3. Thank you Karen for your blog which I have enjoyed checking in with for many years. Wonderful photos and stories. Thanks especially for this video, which brings a lot back.