Sunday, April 29, 2012

Macinac Island -- Post 3

Today I'll continue with posting pictures from Macinac Island. For this time of year the weather has been perfect. We have had crisp blue skies with temperatures in the 40s, although the wind has been a bit chilly.

We walked around Mission Point Resort down the road the circles the island.  A good part of Macinac Island is reserved for the state park.

Instead of signs directing automobiles, on the island there are signs directing horses and bikes.

There are sedimentary cliffs circling the island.

As well as some giant boulders that have broken off the cliffs or were left by the glaciers.

Freighters go by the island all day long.

And then there is Arch Rock......

Another boulder with a tree growing on it.

There are more flowers for this time of year than we have seen the past six years that we have been coming to the island.

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